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Blockages and Replacements

Are you looking for a local plumber to carry out installations, repairs and leakages? GLC have years of experience in the field. We offer 24 / 7 response for those in emergency need.

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Bath Plumbing

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Plumbing Services

Blocked toilets, Sinks, Unblocking, Bathrooms, Taps, pipes and much more. Plumbing services for commercial and domestic customers

Large list of services

GLC offer an extensive range of plumbing services for both commercial and domestic customers. Blocked toilets and sinks often start off as a mere, possibly smelly inconvenience. However, they can quickly develop, causing flooding, water damage and unexpected costs and stress.

We are hands on

While some people opt for a DIY approach, getting down and dirty with the blockage and a coat hanger, we recommend letting one of GLC's trained professional plumbers take a look at it. Our plumbing staff have many years’ experience unblocking even the most foreboding of blockages and, with our 24 hour service, will be with you in no time.

Looking for a Local Plumber?

If you are looking for a prompt, experienced local plumber look no further than GLC. For the uninitiated, even replacing a bathroom tap can be a daunting task. That’s why GLC are happy to help with even the smallest job. We can replace your bathroom tap, just as easily as we can replace your mains supply pipes, stop-taps, ball-valves, gate-valves and water tanks.

No job is too big

GLC's team of plumbers are trained and equipped to replace any and all unwanted plumbing found in your property, whatever the reason: damage, age or simply for something newer or more efficient.

Mains Supply

Leaks & Broken Pipes
You might not often think about your mains water supply but it is an integral part of your home, and incorrect installation or plumbing faults due to age can result in leaks and broken pipes. This in turn can lead to unnecessary costs for water wasted or damage to your property.

Install, Repair & Re-lay
It is also worth understanding that, like most things, mains water pipes will only have a certain life-span. GLC are equipped to install, repair and re-lay mains supply pipes, making sure the job gets done right from the very first time.

Get it Checked Out!
Don’t forget, the mains water supply pipe to your house is your responsibility so take care of your supply pipe from the start, and it will be cheaper and more convenient for you in the long run.

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Water Mains Before
Water Mains After


GLC Plumbing installation

Commercial Plumbing
Instead of chasing up different suppliers to work on separate parts of your building, call GLC and let us take care of everything. We can install showers, basins, sinks, toilets, boilers and anything else you might need for your household or commercial plumbing requirements.

Domestic Jobs
Here at GLC, we want to help you with everything from the smallest, to the biggest job. GLC can handle all of the installation for you. We’ll make sure your downstairs toilet, or your numerous bathrooms, are all installed correctly and working to the best possible quality in the shortest time-frame possible.

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We Never Overcharge!
Reliable plumbing is something you might take for granted, but few people realise just how extensive and complex the plumbing system that supplies their property is. That is why it is so important, when locating and repairing any damage to your plumbing system, you can call on an expert you trust.

Experience & Expertise
At GLC, our highly trained stuff have the experience and expertise to get any damage repaired quickly and properly, ensuring that you don’t suffer from the same problem all over again. We can repair everything from low water pressure (as a result of a fault) to damaged underground pipework to broken installations like your toilet or shower.

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Water leaks

Damage Prevention

Water Damage Prevention
Water leaks may initially appear to be a relatively small issue, but they can quickly cause more damage than you ever anticipated. The cost of water damage from an ignored leak can seriously outweigh the cost of having it repaired, not to mention the unnecessary stress and time they cause and consume.

Rapid Response
GLC can provide rapid response staff to get your leak fixed before it becomes a major problem. If it’s already too late for preventative measures you still don’t need to worry – GLC has all eventualities covered. We’ll repair the leaks, clear the damage and get your house feeling like your home again.

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